Pushing the Limits of Airplane Design

The Valkyrie aircraft sets new standards in luxury aviation with its meticulously crafted design and fully customizable cabin. The Valkyrie, boasting advanced features, ensures a smooth, quiet, and secure private journey.

Unmistakable Design Profile

The Valkyrie epitomizes the perfect union of form and function, making a statement both in the air and on the ground. It combines the agility of a high-performance piston plane with the robust power of a turbine, while its design draws inspiration from classic military aircraft.

Comfort and Luxury

The four seats of the Valkyrie redefine air travel luxury. Crafted with meticulous attention to comfort, each seat offers a plush haven, enveloping passengers in opulence. From ergonomic design to premium materials, the Centauri’s seating beckons a serene journey, where indulgence meets the skies.

Material Mastery

The Valkyrie epitomizes sophistication through the meticulous selection of refined materials. From the sleek carbon fiber exterior to the luxurious leather-clad interior and robust aluminum components, each element harmonizes elegance, strength, and solidity, culminating in an airborne masterpiece that seamlessly blends aesthetic allure with structural prowess.


Human Factors

The Valkyrie consistently receives praises for its flying experience. On the pilot section, reclined bucket seats and angled bottom cushions provide a snug, soft, and adjusted lumbar and spinal support. Armrest location, distance to sidesticks, distance to brakes, throttle, screens, and Field-Of-View considerations have been thoroughly optimized throughout the years to ensure a flawless experience on short to long flights.
The visibility, in particular, is unmatched on the market for both the pilots and for the passengers. With no wings below or on top, only the canard in the front, the view is breathtaking. Combined with the jet-like, flat attitude on final and landing, the entire unobstructed view of the runway is ensured at all times.
The Valkyrie has been test-flown in central California, where temperatures can be very hot in the summer. Despite maximizing visibility, no overheating has ever been reported ever by occupants. Good ram air ventilation provides for cooler air as soon as the aircraft is airborne, and ground taxiing can be conducted with the canopy wide open, offering an open cockpit feeling if desired.
In the back, passengers enjoy more shoulder space and legroom than other single-engine pistons. Along with the reclined position, this provides an extremely comfortable seating for two, or three passengers, depending on the chosen configuration (and changeable on the ground).
The pusher configuration also brings a reduced cabin noise as another obvious advantage, reducing pilot fatigue and enhancing the passenger experience. The engine is separated from the cabin by two 3/4” thick carbon sandwich walls, placed 5 ft apart. Flights are much quieter than on puller aircraft as a result.


The Valkyrie maximizes cabin volume for comfort, cargo volume, and maintainability, while enhancing robustness, minimizing profile drag and ensuring sound flight mechanics behavior.